The Random Show & Some other stuff. – This is also a shout to Tim Ferriss. Who I tweeted is a pretty cool guy to be following @tferriss

Old blog, but I’m  new to it. It has some pretty great stuff on it. The following Random Show show is pretty cool also. I mean the latter isn’t as cool for a non-SF resident, but still nice to listen to.

HTML5? – I don’t know how I feel about it. I want to give all of my love to Flash after Steve Jobs said hated on it. It’s more than just embedded video. It’s really cool stuff, potentially. Youtube has it’s own HTML beta. It’s quite limited: no fullscreen, resolution is a bit less, not many videos are in HTML5 format. Dive Into HTML5 is a pretty awesome and pretty inclusive website/blog about all the things HTML5.

I’m getting pretty into FourSquare. It’s an awesome site, but it needs to improve it’s search function tremendously. I mean I want recommendations. It is quite lacking on the review, or really usefulness front.

Maybe I’ll do more of these


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