Today’s Naturalist

We are in a world where most of the things we deal with we have no idea how it is made. Seriously, how many people know how a speaker is made, a TV, an internal combustion engine, or a watch? In this day and age where we are totally detached with the how, what is the value of this? We want the why, what and the who; not the how. For example:

Question: “how do you make a guitar?”
98% of people’s response: “I don’t care…”

Why does nobody care how anything is made. We concerned with what Oprah is giving for her yearly Christmas garbage and who Brad Pitt is dating, but we don’t care about things that actually have something to do with our life. Some of you may say, “well what does a guitar have to do with our life?”

In today’s disposable society… wait, lets look at this from a different direction.

You’re beloved grandpa, I bet when you talk about him you talk about how he could do anything. He could fix the plumbing in a house, fix a car, unjam a gun; you probably have a fond memory of him giving you a toy made out of wood when you were a child. The difference between him and you is the fact that he knows more than how to operate a computer and adjust his chair, he could make things.

One of the most valuable an enriching things in life is building something with your own hands, but today we sit in front of computer’s all day and watch videos about people making things themselves. After we watch said videos we say “that is so cool” and go on to kill some newbs or read some more news. I guess my point is this: 90% of the knowledge we peruse today has no residual value.  Being socially informed is overrated. Yeah it seems cool in that awesome argument you have with your coworker about the United States financial budget. At the end of the day the only thing you walk away with is a pissed off attitude and a hatred for your coworker’s ignorance.

Get out there, learn something new, and do it.


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