Shootin up… down.

So, I’ve been kind of obsessed with DiggNation lately. I just really like the interesting perspective Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose have. Both of them are kind of douche bags honestly, but I still like them. I have to say, right now, it’s my favorite show besides Top Gear (and possibly, guiltily, Parenthood on NBC).

The point of this blog post is not to talk about my favorite shows, but to talk about something that has been discusses on DiggNation: health. I admitedly haven’t been eating as well as I usually do. After watching a couple podcasts when Kevin Rose and such have talked about health I have really became concerned about things like that. Point being, I kind of want to get some blood work done. Just to see how healthy I actually am: to see what my cholesterol is, what vitamins I am deficient in, and whatever else I can really look at. I guess my reason to post this is, right now, in America, the obesity rate is something like 20%. I think it is reasonable for everybody to be concerned with how healthy they are, regardless of their appearance or weight. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young. The effects of unhealthy habits are compounding. The obesity thing wasn’t a very great reason… Um, people are getting cancer a lot more frequently now, and things like vitamin D and dietary fiber are linked to prevent cancers (I don’t think dietary fiber has a blood test, but you should be watching it anyways). Maybe you look healthy, but how are you supposed to know if your body has a sufficient amount of vitamin D unless you are either, really label watching (may be deceptive) and living in the sun, or you get some blood work done. Regardless if you’re worried, supplementing without a baseline is not really the best idea. Continuing my vitamin D example, thinking you are deficient and supplementing can have severe consequences. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, and it is toxic if not taken with a proper amount of Vitamin A. In an effort to make yourself more healthy you can end up hurting yourself more.

Either way, I want to get some blood work done. It’s going on my to do list. That, along with eating healthier and exercising more.